Dyslexic copywriting coach reveals his ‘secret persuasion shortcuts’ for…
“Making Far MORE Sales By Spending Far LESS Time Writing Your Sales Copy!”
  • Here are the 'secret persuasion shortcuts' I used to write sales copy that took my failing company from zero to $2.4million
  • The same 'persuasion shortcuts' I use to write ads that have collectively made millions of dollars in hyper-competitive niches, against more talented copywriters
  • ​You can easily put these 'persuasion shortcuts' to work in your business too — at just 2.5 hours viewing time, you can watch them today and be using them to make more sales as early as tomorrow
Here's The Full Story...
Dear Frustrated Business Owner,
My name is Antony Howard.

18 years ago I was a broke, desperate business owner in so much debt I was literally bankrupt.

My latest ‘health supplement’ business was failing because I wasn’t making enough sales. To be honest I hate selling and I'm lousy at it.

My garage was full of stock I couldn’t shift.
And my wife was on the verge of leaving me.

Things were so bad I couldn’t pay the mortgage.

I figured I had about 3 months to turn things around or I was going to lose everything.

I hate to think what would have happened if I didn’t…
Meet the man who would dramatically turn my fortunes around…
Call it fate, luck or divine intervention but one day I came across the man who would change my fortune.

After spending just a few minutes with him on the phone, I knew he could help me get out of the mess I was in.

I don’t know exactly how I was able to tell that, but when he started talking about business and how it really worked, I knew he was the one who would help me.

I wanted to know his secrets. I was sure they’d give me the final key I needed to be a success.

The only trouble was that there were no places left in his program. I would have to wait for two months before there was an opening.

What? No. I couldn’t wait that long.

I explained my situation to him. I begged and pleaded, almost crying over the phone.

So, he did something I’ll never forget. He said, “Hold on,” and disappeared for a few minutes.

When he returned he told me he had contacted one of his other students whose situation wasn’t as critical as mine and got him to give up his spot for two months.

I was so relieved and excited.

But, what he told me next scared the hell out of me.

He said he could help me by showing me the secret and how to use it.

And why it scared me is because he said, “The secret to success in any online business is writing persuasive sales copy.”

Now, you already know how much I hate selling but writing?

No way. You see, I am dyslexic!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had trouble with words and sentences and just expressing myself on paper.

Teachers would hit my knuckles with rulers and shout at me.

Other kids would tease me.

Call me stupid and retarded.

To this day - I’ve never even read a book from cover to cover.

But that doesn't matter because it turns out...
Anyone can write copy that generates sales…
Even a semi-literate dyslexic like me!

That’s one of the first lessons he taught me.

Here’s the second…

There are simple rules and secrets to writing amazing sales copy that most people never get to discover.

They are so simple in fact - that even a dyslexia guy like me who can barely string a sentence together on paper can make them work.

Top online marketers like Frank Kern call my guy –
‘The Guru’s Guru Of Persuasion’
No joke.

This man has literally taught dozens of today’s household name Gurus how to write copy that sells bucket loads of product in practically any niche you can think of.

He asked me to keep his name out of this letter as he values his privacy above everything else.

He’s happy making hundreds of thousands every month from the peace and quiet of his country retreat.

This copy genius had one golden rule when working with new copy cubs like me…

Keep your copy super-simple and it will be simple for you to write sales copy that sells.

Once you understand these persuasion shortcuts – you’ll see clearly how you can persuade literally anyone to pay for anything you want…

…and use them to grow your profits beyond what you ever dreamt possible…
Just take a look at the sales my supplement business makes now…
That averages out at $6,560 a day!
And it’s all because of the ‘persuasion shortcuts’ he showed me.

My time with this sales copy genius changed my life forever.

I went from struggling to make my business work to trying to cope with the hoards of orders coming in.

As the sales flooded in, my lifestyle and circumstances radically changed.

Suddenly I could:
  • ​Go on holiday whenever I wanted
  • ​Travel anywhere in the world
  • ​Eat in the best restaurants
  • Live in a big, beautiful home
  • Treat my wife to the luxuries I'd been promising her for years!
A lovely little beach bar in Majorca
The Colony Hotel rooftop pool and restaurant, Northern Cyprus
Uma and I enjoying a hot lazy day with friends in Turkey
Our new property in Gloucestershire bought with the profits from this copywriting method
Our garden and studio outhouse
My wife Uma who I love to spoil in our new house
Anyway - here’s the point…
SIMPLE WORDS make or break your business…
And if you would like to use the exact same simple sales copy tactics to grow your business and profits like I did… I’ve got good news for you!

I can show you how to create those words. (Even if you hate writing, think sales copy is hard, or flunked your high school English class!)

… And how you can use the same ‘persuasion-on-the-page’ secrets I use to explode your sales, cash flow and business growth in days. Not weeks or months… that’s how quickly great sales copy works.

My simple sales copy methods helped me get:
  • MORE SALES: from a previously failing company
  • ​MORE SALES: from any niche I write for online
  • ​MORE SALES: with a lot less work and effort
  • ​MORE SALES: with hardly any writing skills - (I’m dyslexic)
And make no mistake.

The truth is undeniable.

No matter what business you’re in - all your sales come from the words you use.

Are you a solo entrepreneur who sells digital or physical products or services online?

Are you a coach, consultant or e-commerce owner who is frustrated, overwhelmed or perplexed trying to make sales on your website?

Are you struggling to convert your traffic into paying customers?

If so, pay close attention because...

What if jumpstarting your sales figures and growing them consistently was as simple as going to the ATM to withdraw money?

 It can be… once you know the ‘persuasion shortcuts’ he showed me how to employ in my business to grow it to 7 figures.

And don’t forget I did all this as a dyslexic who struggles terribly with words and sentences. (So I know, if I can do it, YOU can too!)

FACT: You can have the best graphics, coolest videos and cutting edge software… but if you use the wrong WORDS your business will always STRUGGLE to make money.
Copywriting is the number 1 asset you need to succeed online
Stop and think about it for just one second.

The money-making uses you can put sales copy through is UNLIMITED.

You can use your new found skills to create:
  • Profitable webinars
  • ​Killer Facebook ads
  • ​Eye-sucking e-commerce or Amazon descriptions
  • ​Highly profitable landing pages
  • Profit churning emails
This list goes on and on...
Why this training is a stunning return on your investment
When you know the simple shortcuts to persuading:
  • ​YOU can write copy MORE QUICKLY AND EASILY than ever before… even if you’re a beginner
  • ​YOU can make your customers want to buy from you before they’ve even met you
  • ​YOU can get people to fall in love with your brand and keep buying from you over and over again for years into the future
  • ​YOU can connect so deeply with your audience they become raving fans who generate even more sales for you
  • ​YOU can have more free time because sales copy does the selling for you  24/7 – all year round
Sounds great Antony - but can’t I just download an Amazon book OR watch some YouTube videos on sales copy...?
You could do that but there are 2 MAJOR problems:

First, I reveal some very special ‘proprietary methods’ that even most top copywriters won’t know. And I’m not just talking about copywriting processes here, but a way of teaching it that is far and away the very best that has ever been developed.

Second, you won’t find my unique approach to copywriting in some book. Sure books are good. Some books on copy are great. But if you only use books it will take you YEARS to get good enough to make decent money. And in the meantime you’re losing wads of cash that could have been yours if you had the skill SOONER.  

Sales copy is a BIG TOPIC. You need someone to strip it down to its essentials so it’s easy to pick up and understand. Someone to show you where to start, what to think about first, second, third… and just as importantly what to ignore...

… so you can start benefitting from it immediately to get more sales in and grow your profits.

That’s why I created the ideal course for you on profit-generating copywriting. And I simply call it…
“Persuasion Shortcuts”
Persuasion Shortcuts is a series of HD videos you can access from any device at any time.

Here’s a smattering of what you get inside Persuasion Shortcuts:
  • Immediate Lifetime Access to the secret methods and  processes that  turn you into a ‘persuasion expert’ in record time
  • ​14 Easy-To-Watch Videos cut into 10 minute bite-sized chunks (total viewing: 2.5 hours)
  • Scientifically-Proven Persuasion Tactics that people actually enjoy responding to (the opposite of hard selling!)
  • Positioning: How to position your offer so people are powerless to resist it. 16 positioning strategies and 7 ‘time tested sales angles’ most copywriters haven’t even heard of
  • Headlines (the most important part of your sales message): 29 headline templates you can adapt for any promotion you’re working on. Plus the 4 critical elements all headlines must contain
  • 10 email subject lines (headlines in disguise) that people can’t help reading and opening
  • 2 killer body copy ‘persuasion formulas’ that instantly hook your reader and keep him reading all the way to your ordering page
  • ​6 ways to structure your sales message for maximum response and how to know which one to use for each type of promotion you write
  • ​How to use stories to sell. We all love stories. We’re hard wired to respond to them. Here are the 6 key elements all good stories must have to make your customers buy
  • ​The closing secrets of 6 figure copywriters they don’t want you to know about. I give you 5 proven closing strategies of master copywriters so you can close like a pro (99% of copywriters get closing wrong.) Just cut and paste them to get more sales.
  • Social media mastery: discover the 3 key different copywriting styles you need to conquer Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Rinse And Repeat Formulas and Templates that take all the guesswork out of what to write
  • Access to Secret Free Resources that practically write your copy for you and make you look like you’ve been writing for years
  • ​Peek Over My Shoulder Videos where I break down top selling sales letters in use today and explain why they work so well
And a whole lot more besides…

Once you’re exposed to the methods in Persuasion Shortcuts, you’ll never forget them. They’ll be yours forever. Like finding your balance when you learned to ride a bike. Once learned, never forgotten, right? 

You’ll profit from what I show you in Persuasion Shortcuts for the rest of your life.
Why trust me to show you how to write ‘profit-generating’ copy?
It turns out dyslexics like me have terrible short term memories.

So for example, when I meet new people, I instantly forget their names. I can’t be bothered to follow ‘complicated story-plots’ on TV and I lose my train of thought, so keeping conversations going is tricky.

All the attributes you need ‘front and center,’ to be good at ‘selling.’

That’s why I’m so bad at it. Maybe you are too?

But having a terrible short term memory has three HUGE advantages when it comes to writing and teaching sales copy:

1) It forces me to think in short, simple words and sentences.
2) It forces me to find the quickest way of saying something.
3) And it forces me to unearth the clearest way of explaining stuff.

These are the 3 key skills you need to be A GREAT copywriter and teacher.

As a dyslexic I’ve got them in spades.

Because I invariably ‘don’t get something’ initially, when I do get it I get it on a very deep level, so when I explain it to you, I cover all the bases that tripped me up.
The ‘go to’ guy at school…
That’s probably why I was the ‘go to’ guy at school all the younger kids came to for help with their ‘assignments’ when they didn’t ‘get’ something.

I can explain virtually anything to anyone because I’m very good at breaking down complex concepts (like copywriting) into little ‘baby-steps’ anyone can take ‘on board’.

And when you learn copywriting from me, you’re learning from someone who has used copy to start not one, not two, but three successful businesses over the last 18 years. All on the back of my copy writing skills. (And you already know one of them turns over more than $2 million a year)

Here’s the takeaway: before I learned copywriting every business I opened failed. Since learning copywriting every business I’ve opened has succeeded.

If you want to be the owner of a wildly successful business built on ‘savvy, sales copy’ instead of soul-crushing 18 hour 'work-days', let me take you by the hand and show you how it’s done.
Persuasion Shortcuts is changing the lives of people everywhere
Jack Used The Strategies To 8X His Results!
"Before taking your course, I got zero responses... Now I'm up to a 2.1% conversion rate, which is awesome. You made me an extra $1600 over the last month!"
"I instantly noticed a growing number of leads and followers"
"Persuasion Shortcuts showed me a formula for writing clear, simple copy that sells"
"The value you'll get out of it will far exceed the small price"
"From following your advice in the program, I've been able to grow my sales in a BIG way"
"At first I thought copywriting was complex... But now due to what Antony teaches, I can master this"
"Antony’s copywriting hacks have had a huge impact on the way I write"
"My orders went from 1-2 a week to 1-2 a DAY"
"My Newsletter Signups Went From 1 A Month To 6 or 7 A Week!"
Your future as a profitable persuasion expert…
Once you see how simple my proven persuasion system is and how FAST it can work to jumpstart your sales and profits (even if you’re just starting out), you’ll heave a massive sigh of relief that you discovered the Persausion Shortcuts system.

Even if you’ve been disappointed by other copywriting courses, I personally guarantee…mine will work for you!

When you know the Persuasion Shortcuts way to writing high converting copy…
The world is your oyster!
I can make that promise because these methods don’t just work for me, but for my clients as well.

They’ve all experienced:

RAPID SUCCESS: once you start to use the right words in your business, more sales arrive immediately — as in the very next day.

ESCAPE THE 9-5 GRIND:  a lot of my clients’ businesses have grown to the point where they quit their day jobs and become their own bosses.

PART-TIME WORK: and some of them have become so successful in their business they only need work a few days a week.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: once you know how to write copy the way I show you, money will never be an issue for you again. You can feel confident you’ve found a solid ‘system’ that brings in profit like clockwork.

THE DREAM LIFE: when you know how to use words to persuade people to part with their money… those words do all the selling for you leaving you more free time to enjoy yourself. More treats, more holidays, new clothes, going out… anything you want. And why not? You deserve it…
Persuasion Shortcuts is so easy to follow even a 14 year old could do it...
YOU CAN DO THIS: I break everything down and show you the precise steps to take to write words that persuade people to BUY.

: You don’t have the first clue what to write about? I take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how… remember – I’m dyslexic.

FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS: You don't know how to write or sell with words or your spelling or grammar is terrible...?? It just doesn't matter when you follow my system.
I invested a year of my life for you - the result
is a simple course designed to jumpstart any sales figures for any business!
It took me nearly a whole year to pull everything together for Persuasion Shortcuts.

Among the many things I discovered while doing my research was that most ‘heavyweight’ copywriting courses are far too long and overwhelming. And the short ones are shallow and miss too much out.

I designed Persuasion Shortcuts to be simple but NOT simplistic. It tells you everything you need to instantly write sales copy that SELLS. Not next week, next month or next year. But NOW!

My course proves the whole process of SUCCESSFULLY creating your own profitable sales copy CAN be taught in an easy to follow step-by-step process in HOURS.

You can watch it in a morning, apply what I show you an afternoon and watch as MORE sales come in the very next day. That’s how quickly PERSUASIVE copy turns your business around.  

So here’s what I propose.

There’s no question, the information in Persuasion Shortcuts is worth $2,000 or more. That might sound a ridiculous amount to you right now. But it’s what I’d happily have paid to any school to teach me what I know now, when I was a rookie.

When you consider it includes all the ‘insider’ knowledge passed on to me by my mentor, plus all the secrets I’ve gleaned from 18 years of ‘frontline’ copywriting, even at $2,000 it would be a good deal.

When you think about it, you’d pay at least ten times that to get a B.A. from a leading college – with no guarantee of ever finding a high paying job at the end of it.

But you won’t pay $2,000 for this course. You won’t pay $1,000. You won’t even pay $500.

The usual price of Persuasion Shortcuts is just $197.

That’s a steal for everything you need to know to take your business to the next level or launch a lucrative copywriting career.

But hang on… it gets better….

RIGHT NOW Persuasion Shortcuts is on sale for just $27 – over 86% off the official price!
And no, that’s not a typo!
Why am I letting you buy Persuasion Shortcuts for so little? Because I’m PRETTY WELL COMPLETELY UNKNOWN.

And the best way to break into a new industry and become ‘known’ is to create a product that’s overloaded with value, yet costs very little.

A product so FANTASTIC it gets everyone talking about it.
“Like selling a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota Yaris!”
And that’s what you’re getting with Persuasion Shortcuts — a Ferrari for the price of a Yaris!
If you’re looking for a catch, there isn’t one. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I know people are always looking for a catch. Especially when someone offers to do something like this for you, at virtually no cost. But in this case it’s true. There is genuinely no catch whatsoever.

So don’t let the low price put you off. I simply want to get this course to as many people as possible, in the shortest possible time.
This offer may be
at any time!
So feel free to take advantage of the situation.

Judging from sales, quite a few other people are.

Don’t delay.

As soon as word gets out and demand rises, I’ll put the price back up to $197, maybe more. I’ll probably also remove some of the more “controversial tactics” I’d rather not share.

So the only way to make sure you get my raw “uncut information” is to act now.
365 Day DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee
I want to make this a total ‘no brainer’ for you because I know when I get Persuasion Shortcuts into your hands you’ll be blown away. Far from wanting to return it, you’ll want to hang onto it forever. Because you’ll realise it’s worth thousands more than $27.

You have a whole year to try out my ‘persuasion methods’ in your ads, marketing messages and sales letters.

If for any reason during that time you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you get, I’ll happily give you DOUBLE your money back! No questions and no hassles. (That’s how confident I am you’re gonna love it!)

Even if you’re not sure Persuasion Shortcuts is right for you just yet, grab it anyway, before the price goes up. Have a ‘sneak-peak’ and if you don’t like it, you can always get MORE than your money back. 

That takes all the pressure off you, and lets you profit from my course if you choose.

I can’t say fairer than that.
Click on the button below NOW and let’s get this ball rolling...
Just $27 (One Time)
My very best to you,
Antony Howard.
Founder & CEO, Profit From Persuasion
P.S. - Remember – Persuasion Shortcuts is just launching. As soon as it gains ‘traction’ the price will go up to $197 (over 7 times more!) This is probably the only chance you’ll get to find out the ‘persuasion processes’ and ‘copywriting secrets’ that are worth a fortune to you and your family for just $27. Click here now to reserve your spot.

P.P.S. - Seriously, don’t wait another second. Remember, I’m the one taking all the risk here…not you.  Click here now!

P.P.P.S. - ACT NOW and get these amazing bonuses absolutely free:
Fast Action Bonus # 1: The Quick and Easy Way to Create Your First Avatar - Normally $27

Knowing how to create your ‘Avatar’ or person you are marketing to… is key to writing profit-generating copy. Inside this report – you will discover how to create an Avatar for any market you are working in - so you can quickly make money from it.
Fast Action Bonus # 2: Autoresponder Secrets That Double Your Sales - Normally $98

You’ve heard the phrase, the money is in the list… right? Well it’s true. Here you'll discover how to write super profitable emails that will double, triple and even quadruple your sales and more!
Fast Action Bonus # 3: The Definitive Copywriters Guide to On-Page SEO and PPC Advertising - Normally $83

Knowing how to get ranked on a page is vitally important for your customers to find you. PLUS you also get my take on PPC advertising which will cut your learning time in half.
That’s $208 worth of bonuses… plus all the secret methods and processes in Persuasion Shortcuts worth at least $2,000…
…ALL for the measly price of just $27
OK, it’s make your mind up time…
Don’t you think you deserve a better life?
So now you’ve got three choices:
1.    You can do nothing and carry on writing copy that doesn’t work. Put up with the same disappointing results day after day. And watch as your business slowly dies, taking all your dreams down with it.

2.    You can struggle on trying to learn how to write persuasively ‘piecemeal’ from free articles, webinars and Youtube videos. You may find some useful tips. But it’s going to take you YEARS to make sense of them all. That is if you ever do. Most people give up. 

3.    Or you can ‘come with me’ and learn sales copy from someone who’s ‘been there and done it’ in the real world. Grown three successful companies purely using his copywriting skills and knows how to transfer those skills in ‘bite sized’, easy-to-understand steps you can quickly absorb and use. Be shown exactly what to focus on. And what to ignore. Where to start and what to think about first, second, third so you have a clear path to copywriting glory and the life changing sums of money that come with it.
Say ‘no’ if you want, but be aware you’re passing on the deal of a life time. Probably the only one where you can get ‘double your money back’ just for taking a look!

I understand you might be a little sceptical... or you’re wondering if you can do what you’ll be shown... or maybe you’ve never had anything go right for you in the past so lost your confidence... or you’re just scared of even trying.

If it’s any of these things, or something else holding you back, if you don’t mind, let me just be very open with you.

You know the bottom line is, EVERY DAY you have a choice as to how you’re going to ‘show up’ in life.

You can either continue to let your fears grip you, your past limit you, your excuses, concerns or worries control you.

OR you can choose to finally live life on YOUR terms. You get to CHOOSE to change yourself, to reinvent yourself, to re-imagine yourself.

In fact, at the end of the day it really boils down to two things.  You either remain as you are or make the choice to become the person you can become and live the life you want to live.

So do something your future self would be proud of and at least take a peak at Persuasion Shortcuts.
Let me help you reboot your life the way my mentor helped me…
The money… the lifestyle… it's all there for you… if you really want it!

Yes, I know it might seem like an impossible dream from where you’re sitting right now, but it’s definitely there for you.

Take my own life. I was a complete failure at every business I tried. Then I discovered ‘copywriting.’

I went from being broke to becoming a cash rich business owner, which has provided me with quite an incredible lifestyle. 

I’ve essentially been able to go where I want and buy what I want, when I want it. Clothes, cars, 5 star holidays. The lot.

It’s been an astonishing ride.  And to this day I have to pinch myself that I owe it all to COPYWRITING.

In fact, if someone showed me back then what was going to happen in my life ... what I would be able to achieve... I wouldn’t have believed it.  So yes, I know how you may feel.  
Nevertheless, I am proof (remember I’m dyslexic) that ANYBODY can be shown how to write sales copy that can haul in millions of dollars and I’ll be more than happy to show you how to do it. 

Bottom line, I can help you but you really need to take that first step.

Just have a look at Persuasion Shortcuts. It’s only $27. Yet it could alter the course of your life. What else can you get for $27.  A cheap meal? A trip to the movies? Not much, that’s for sure.

If you’re not prepared to invest $27 in your future then I’ll have to assume you’re not really serious about being successful and deep down you’re content to stay stuck where you are.

But remember, every day is a new day.  A chance for you to change your life.  Why not make today the one which starts everything off for you? 

I promise you won’t regret it.
Still can’t decide? Here’s what some of my early students have to say…
“I'm happy I took this course because it increased my copywriting knowledge ten fold. Now I know what I'm looking at when it comes to copy.” E. Lemust

“This course is the best copywriting course I’ve ever taken. You get valuable information that makes your copy way better. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!” Colin Sharman

“I love being able to follow systems and formulas and know that they're going to get me results.” LH

“He is a great instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content is excellent and he did it in such a timely manner. Would definitely recommend.” Annie Watson

“Absolutely brilliant! Easy to follow, incredibly educational and packed with resources. Thanks Antony - what a wonderful human you are.” Holly Whiteman

“Great course! Time and money well spent. Practical and inspiring. I'm really excited to start my career in copywriting.” Ian Petit

“Crucial strategies for anyone who wants to persuade with their words. This course is worth fifty times the price.” JR

“This course actually makes me excited to start marketing using copy and to be more persuasive.” Kasey D

"This course has removed so much confusion and guesswork in my writing.”

“I always thought copywriting was complicated until I took this course. I really see myself doing this for a living. Thanks for the examples and resources that really add credibility to what you teach.” Tania Tynes

“I love the instructor's take on this course, it's very insightful but also not boring like a long class lecture.” Karina Powell

“As a complete novice to copywriting, I absolutely enjoyed the pace of the course. Antony brought a wealth of knowledge and energy to every lesson. You can tell that he puts his heart into this and it shows. My main take aways were grasping an understanding of persona, WIIFM, features and benefits. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to write better sales copy!” Jacquie Didier

“As an absolute beginner, I found it to be incredibly useful in understanding the fundamentals of an essential part of online business. Thank you for offering such a comprehensive course.” Rob Carver

“The course so far is absolutely fantastic. Loads of well-thought out and creative information, tricks and (most importantly) a massive time-saver for any current or aspiring writer.”

“Short, straight to the point and an excellent course for anyone who is new to copywriting. Tons of useful tips and tools that I know will make a huge difference in my writing from now on. I'm over the moon excited about putting everything I've learned into practice.” Marica

“I've been writing ad copies particularly on Google Adwords and Bing Ads for a few years now as an SEO and SEM guy. I don't have any formal copywriting or related courses so getting Antony’s course is a huge help! I've already applied some of the things I've learned to my work and saw bigger and better results! Highly recommended!” Henry Black

“AWESOME course! Copywriting makes so much more sense. And, awesome examples + resources that come along with this course, it really helps you understand copywriting on another level. You can definitely tell a lot of hard work went into putting this course together. Totally worth the buy.”  K. McMurrick

"This course is a perfect match for me. I like the way the content is presented. Very useful and straight to the point.” Sonja Alemania

“Its a good match for me. As I'm a fresh grad trying to help expand my parents' business. This is a perfect course to leverage my marketing skills.”

“I've been down the Youtube rabbit hole trying to learn anything I could about copywriting, and I've already learned more in this class in LESS time. Antony is engaging and breaks down copywriting into actionable, replicable steps. My brain is literally buzzing. I feel like I finally GET it.” Lindsey

“This course was so informative and has empowered me to get started with my freelance copywriting business right away. The content flowed well and I feel prepared to go it on my own!” J. Smith

“It’s so obvious now why our copy wasn’t working before. We were making every classic mistake. The tips and tricks I’ve learned on this course have completely changed the way I’m writing. Now all I need is practice! Add to this the lectures are engaging and get to the point quickly. Thanks Antony.” Susan Pierce

“The presenter starts from scratch but never assumes the audience is stupid. Also love his energy & passion. This is not only teaching me skills, it's invigorating me! ” D. Biancotti

“I really love this course, everything is broken down into simple steps and very well explained with plenty of examples and exercises to give you a chance to see if you understand it before you move on to the next lesson. Would definitely recommend this course.” Dean Smith
You know you can’t lose (only gain) by taking a look at Persuasion Shortcuts, so just do the sensible thing and go ahead right now… see you inside.
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